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We assist in recovering lost bitcoins and private keys.

We recover bitcoins that were transferred to an unknown wallet addresses.

  • We are a team of 11 experienced ethical hackers and software application developers with at least 8 years of work experience.
  • We know many have been searching for the best bitcoin recovery expert and password recovery.
  • A significant wealth, leaving some homeless and even causing some to lose their families as a result of their lost investments. Due to all of these factors, we decided to educate people as well as develop a very effective software that will enable you to quickly recover any lost money. We are here to assist those who are stuck in this situation with nowhere to turn. With the aid of our program, your bitcoin private key will be retrieved and you will be able to access your bitcoin wallet if you have ever fallen victim to an online scam, lost your bitcoin private key, accidentally erased your files, or experienced a malfunctioning hard drive.
  • Most of the bitcoin private key tools we develop are for educational purposes and we distance ourselves from any illegal use of our tools or softwares.

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Recover all bitcoins sent to an Unknown wallet address

Recover all bitcoins plus daily profits invested on fake bitcoin investment platform.

Our bitcoin private key finder tool was developed with the intention of assisting people regain access to their bitcoin wallet in cases of missing or corrupt devices, or forgotten passwords. The watch only spender tool help users spend nonspendable coins send to them scamers in exchange for their goods or services they genuinely sell.

The private key hack is to help users regain lost or stolen coins from unethical hackers. While the clip board virus can corrupt and hack back your coins from any device storing the private key.

Our intention is to protect the vulnerable masses from cruel bitcoin private key hackers who tries to steal where they did not sole.

Mega Bitcoin Recovery Tool has always been and will always be the best in bitcoin recovery or crypto recovery.

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We are here to assist you if you have been frauded by a trading or mining firm, you are looking for stolen bitcoin recovery, lost your private key, access to your wallet, or any other cryptocurrency-related issue.